FPLOT(1)                                                 FPLOT(1)

          fplot - plot elementary function

          fplot [ -c [ -s size ]] [ -r range ] functions ...

          Fplot plots elementary functions separated by spaces. The
          default output is the screen, but if the -c option is speci-
          fied, the plot is written to the standard output as an
          r8g8b8 image(6). The latter image size is either 640x480 or
          the one specified by the -s option's argument (in the
          WIDTHxHEIGHT format). The -r option accepts as argument the
          x and y ranges, in the format `xmin:xmax ymin:ymax'.  By
          default fplot draws coordinate axes and tick marks; the -a
          option inhibits this.

          Each function to be plotted may be a combination of the
          independent variable x, the elementary operations (+, -, *,
          / and %), and the functions described in sin(2) and exp(2).
          The exception being that x^n raises x to the nth power, log
          is the base 10 logarithm, and ln is the natural logarithm.

          Plot the absolute value and x^3 functions to a 400x400
          image(6) on standard output and view with page(1).

               fplot -c -s 400x400 'sqrt(x*x)' 'x^3' | page


          exp(2), sin(2), image(6), plot(1).

          Fplot either exits with `syntax error' or an empty status.

          There is no unary plus or minus.

          Axes are not drawn in -c output.

          Fplot first appeared in 9front (July, 2011).

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