INTRO(9)                                                 INTRO(9)

          intro - introduction to kernel functions

          This section of the manual describes the functions publicly
          available to the authors of kernel code, particularly device
          drivers (real and virtual).  This section will eventually be
          much expanded, but this makes a start.

          The SYNOPSIS subsections do not show the header files needed
          for the standard kernel declarations.  The primary combina-
          tions summarised below:

               #include "u.h"
               #include "../port/lib.h"
               #include "mem.h"
               #include "dat.h"
               #include "fns.h"
               #include "../port/error.h"

               furthermore, added in IP code:
               #include "../ip/ip.h"

               furthermore, in hardware device drivers:
               #include "io.h"
               #include "ureg.h"

               furthermore, in network interfaces or ether drivers:
               #include "../port/netif.h"

          There might also be specific include files needed by drivers
          on particular platforms or to use specialised kernel inter-
          faces.  The easiest method is to check the source of
          likely-looking drivers nearby.

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