ATARI(1)                                                 ATARI(1)

          2600 - emulator

          games/2600 [ -a ] [ -x scale ] romfile

          2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600.  It exectues the
          romfile given as an argument, and controls as if using a
          regular 4-direction 1-button joystick, using space button
          and directional keys.  The q, w, e and r keys correspond
          respectively to the reset, select, player 1 difficulty and
          color mode switches.  Other keys:

          F1   Pause the emulator. If already paused it will step one
               video frame.

          F12  Toggle the emulator's speedometer.  It shows in the
               upper left, off-viewport corner, the ratio between the
               expected and observed time it took to draw 60 frames.

          t    Toggle tracing of the emulator.

          `    It uncaps the 60fps frame rate and lets emulation go as
               fast as possible.

          Esc  Pause the emulator.

          Del  Exit the emulator.

          Command line options:

          -a   Enable audio output.

          -x   Scale the screen to a given factor regardless of the
               window's size.



          2600 first appeared in 9front (November, 2014).

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