BLIT(1)                                                   BLIT(1)

          blit - Blit emulator

          games/blit [ -m ] [ -b baud ] [ -C bg,fg ] -d | -t

          Blit is an emulator for the Blit terminal.  It connects to
          the host specified by the dial(2) string

          The colors are configurable with the -C option in the format
          rrggbb,rrggbb, where the first color is the background (nor-
          mally white) and the second color is the foreground (nor-
          mally black).

          The emulator has accurate relative timing but runs as fast
          as it can.  By default, however, it uses a baudrate of
          40,000 baud (real hardware used 19,200).  This is config-
          urable with the -b option.  Beware that the Blit software is
          not able to handle baud rates that are too high.

          If the -m option is set, the Plan 9 mouse cursor is not hid-

          If -d is specified instead of -t, the diagnostic ROM is
          booted instead.


          It should support connections via a pipe rather than telnet.

          Blit first appeared in 9front (Mar, 2017).

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