DMID(1)                                                   DMID(1)

          dmid - MIDI to OPL3 converter using GENMIDI-type instrument

          dmid [ -2s ] [ -i bank ] [ file ]

          Dmid decodes MIDI instructions either from file or from
          standard input, and produces OPL3 instructions suitable for
          playback by opl3(1). To program instruments, an OPL2 instru-
          ment bank formatted as GENMIDI lumps from doom must be pro-
          vided.  Since it is assumed that the bank is contained in a
          doom WAD file, its default location is /mnt/wad/genmidi.
          This may be overridden with the -i command line option.

          The -s flag enables streaming mode, in which the input file
          is a stream of MIDI events.  The file needn't provide any
          timing information such as MIDI tics.  This is suitable for
          MIDI instruments.

          In GENMIDI lumps, two voices are defined per instrument.
          For compatibility, the -2 flag disables the second voice,
          reducing the number of OPL channels needed.  It also dis-
          ables OPL3 specific features and produces an IMF-format
          stream, which can be used in other game engines.

          Play a MUS file from a doom WAD file:

               % games/wadfs /sys/games/lib/doom/doom2.wad
               createfile SW18_7: file already exists
               % games/mus /mnt/wad/d_doom | games/dmid | games/opl3 >/dev/audio

          Play a MIDI stream from a USB device (see usb(3)):

               % games/wadfs /sys/games/lib/doom/doom2.wad >[2]/dev/null
               % games/dmid -s /dev/usb/ep10.1/data | games/opl3 >/dev/audio


          games(1), mus(1), opl3(1), audio(3), usb(3), wadfs(4)

          Dmid first appeared in 9front (July, 2018).

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