MINES(1)                                                 MINES(1)

          mines - minesweeper

          games/mines [ -aeqg ]

          Mines is an implementation of the game Minesweeper.  The
          game is played on a rectangular grid.  A certain number of
          mines is hidden beneath some of the tiles.  Left clicking on
          a tile uncovers it.  If a mine is revealed, the player
          loses.  Otherwise, a number is shown that indicates the num-
          ber of mines in the 8 adjacent tiles.  The player wins once
          they have uncovered all tiles free from mines.

          Right clicking marks a square, cycling through the flag
          marker indicating a mine and the query marker with no spe-
          cific meaning (provided solely for the player's conve-
          nience).  Middle clicking will uncover all adjacent squares,
          if it is safe to do so (assuming the flag markers are set

          The number at the top left indicates the number of mines
          remaining that are not marked by flags.  The number in the
          top right indicates the number of seconds elapsed.  The smi-
          ley face can be clicked to restart the game.

          The n key restarts the game.  The b, a and e keys restart
          the game and set the difficulty to beginner, advanced and
          expert, respectively.  The q and DEL keys quit the game.

          There are a number of options:

          -a   Start at advanced difficulty.

          -e   Start at expert difficulty.

          -q   Disable the query marker.

          -g   It's a secret to everybody.


          Mines was written in 2001 by Antonin Vecera for Plan 9 Third
          Edition.  It was added to 9front in May 2011.  The -g option
          was added by 9front in February 2018.


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     MINES(1)                                                 MINES(1)

          Mines is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Ver-
          sion 2, reproduced in the file /lib/legal/gpl.

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