RATRACE(1)                                             RATRACE(1)

          ratrace - trace process system calls

          ratrace [ pid ] | [ -c command ]

          Ratrace shows the system calls executed by a process, either
          the one with pid or a fresh invocation of command.

          Trace output is determined by the kernel, not ratrace. Cer-
          tain fixed rules apply.  The first four fields of the output
          are pid, text name, system call name, and the PC of the user
          program.  Data is always printed as pointer/"string", where
          the string is the first 32 bytes of the data, with `.'
          replacing non-printing ASCII characters (printing characters
          are those between ASCII space (SP) and delete (DEL), exclu-
          sive).  Return values follow an `=', and include the integer
          return value, the errstr (with "" if there is no errstr),
          and the start and stop times for the system call in nanosec-
          onds.  The times are exclusive of the overhead for tracing.



          acid(1), db(1), proc(3)

          The printing of the data is too limited in length; printing
          `.'  instead of something more sensible is limiting.

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