TCS(1)                                                     TCS(1)

          tcs - translate character sets

          tcs [ -slcv ] [ -f ics ] [ -t ocs ] [ file ... ]

          Tcs interprets the named file(s) (standard input default) as
          a stream of characters from the ics character set or format,
          converts them to runes, and then converts them into a stream
          of characters from the ocs character set or format on the
          standard output.  The default value for ics and ocs is utf,
          the UTF encoding described in utf(6). The -l option lists
          the character sets known to tcs. Processing continues in the
          face of conversion errors (the -s option prevents reporting
          of these errors).  The -c option forces the output to con-
          tain only correctly converted characters; otherwise,
          Runeerror (0xFFFD) characters will be substituted for UTF
          encoding errors and unknown characters.

          The -v option generates various diagnostic and summary
          information on standard error, or makes the -l output more

          Tcs recognizes an ever changing list of character sets.  In
          particular, it supports a variety of Russian and Japanese
          encodings.  Some of the supported encodings are

          utf        The Plan 9 UTF encoding, known by ISO as UTF-8
          utf1       The deprecated original UTF encoding from ISO
          ascii      7-bit ASCII
          8859-1     Latin-1 (Central European)
          8859-2     Latin-2 (Czech .. Slovak)
          8859-3     Latin-3 (Dutch .. Turkish)
          8859-4     Latin-4 (Scandinavian)
          8859-5     Part 5 (Cyrillic)
          8859-6     Part 6 (Arabic)
          8859-7     Part 7 (Greek)
          8859-8     Part 8 (Hebrew)
          8859-9     Latin-5 (Finnish .. Portuguese)
          html       Unicode as encoded by HTML
          koi8       KOI-8 (GOST 19769-74)
          jis-kanji  ISO 2022-JP
          ujis       EUC-JX: JIS 0208
          ms-kanji   Microsoft, or Shift-JIS
          jis        (from only) guesses between ISO 2022-JP, EUC or
          gb         Chinese national standard (GB2312-80)
          big5       Big 5 (HKU version)

     Page 1                       Plan 9             (printed 7/22/24)

     TCS(1)                                                     TCS(1)

          unicode    Unicode Standard 1.0
          tis        Thai character set plus ASCII (TIS 620-1986)
          msdos      IBM PC: CP 437
          atari      Atari-ST character set

          tcs -f 8859-1
               Convert 8859-1 (Latin-1) characters into UTF format.

          tcs -s -f jis
               Convert characters encoded in one of several shift JIS
               encodings into UTF format.  Unknown Kanji will be con-
               verted into 0xFFFD characters.

          tcs -t html
               Convert UTF into character set-independent HTML.

          tcs -lv
               Print an up to date list of the supported character


          ascii(1), rune(2), utf(6).

     Page 2                       Plan 9             (printed 7/22/24)