TIMMY(1)                                                 TIMMY(1)

          timmy - physics sandbox

          games/timmy [ -s steps-per-frame ]

          Timmy is a simple 2D physics sandbox.

          To pick up an object click on it with mouse button 1.  New
          objects can be created by picking up their archetypes in the
          gray area on the bottom (the "tray").  To place an object in
          the working area click at the desired position with mouse
          button 1; timmy will refuse to place the object if it would
          collide with an existing one.  To abort the process - delet-
          ing the carried object - click anywhere with mouse button 3.
          Picking up an object in the working area with mouse button 3
          will duplicate the object.

          The following operations can be performed with the keyboard.

          w    Rotate carried object by 15° to the left.

          e    Rotate carried object by 15° to the right.

               Start or stop the simulation.

          del  Exit timmy.

          The small circles on some objects are "hinges".  Two hinges
          can be connected by placing them on top of each other.
          Their relative position will not change during the simula-
          tion; objects are however free to rotate around them.  To
          undo a hinge, pick up either of the objects.

          The -s option adjusts the speed of the simulation; only
          integer values are permitted.  It does not compromise accu-


          Timmy's physics may occasionally appear to originate from
          another universe.

          -s is a hack.


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     TIMMY(1)                                                 TIMMY(1)

          Timmy first appeared in 9front (June, 2016).

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