FLOPPY(3)                                               FLOPPY(3)

          floppy - floppy disk interface

          bind -a #f /dev


          The floppy disk interface serves a one-level directory giv-
          ing access to up to four floppy disk drives.  Each drive is
          represented by a data and control file.  There are no parti-

          Messages accepted by the ctl file include:

          eject   Eject the floppy, if possible.
          reset   Reset the drive.
          format type
                  Format the floppy.  The type sets the density and
                  type of disk to be formatted; see format in prep(8).

          A read of the ctl file returns a string describing the form
          factor of the disk, one of 3½DD, 3½HD, 5¼DD, or 5¼HD.


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