REMOVE(5)                                               REMOVE(5)

          remove - remove a file from a server

          size[4] Tremove tag[2] fid[4]
          size[4] Rremove tag[2]

          The remove request asks the file server both to remove the
          file represented by fid and to clunk the fid, even if the
          remove fails.  This request will fail if the client does not
          have write permission in the parent directory.

          It is correct to consider remove to be a clunk with the side
          effect of removing the file if permissions allow.

          If a file has been opened as multiple fids, possibly on dif-
          ferent connections, and one fid is used to remove the file,
          whether the other fids continue to provide access to the
          file is implementation-defined.  The Plan 9 file servers
          (like fs(4)) remove the file immediately: attempts to use
          the other fids will yield a ``phase error.''  U9fs follows
          the semantics of the underlying Unix file system, so other
          fids typically remain usable.

          Remove messages are generated by remove.

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