MDIR(6)                                                   MDIR(6)

          mdir - mail directory format

          The mdir format is used by Upas as a replacement for tradi-
          tion mailbox format.  An mdir mailbox is a directory con-
          taining any number of messages stored one message per file.
          Individual messages are stored in the same format they would
          be in a traditional mailbox; each message is a valid mailbox
          with a single message.  The message files are named with the
          UNIX seconds corresponding to the date on the `From' line, a
          “.” separator and a two digit sequence starting with `00'.

          One mdir may contain other mdirs but (currently) this rela-
          tionship is in name only.  The mail box /mail/box/a does not
          contain any messages from /mail/box/a/b, according to

          splitmbox(8), upasfs(4)

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