CIFSD(8)                                                 CIFSD(8)

          cifsd - CIFS/SMB network daemon

          ip/cifsd [ -t ] [ -d ] [ -f debuglog ] [ -w name ] [ -o
          option ] ... [ conndir ]

          Cifsd exports filesystems to CIFS or SMB clients like
          Microsoft tm Windows.

          It is normally started by the network listen process via the
          /rc/bin/service/tcp445 service script (see listen(8)), which
          passes conndir and filedescriptors 0 and 1 to the incoming

          Users are authenticated by their Inferno/pop secret held by
          the auth server.  When successful, cifsd changes its user id
          and namespace to the authenticated user.  Informative log
          messages are appended to /sys/log/cifsd if it exists.

          By default the share local is offered, which represents the
          root of the namespace described by /lib/namespace. If a dif-
          ferent name is explicitly requested by the client then
          /bin/9fs (see srv(4)) is invoked to attach that filesystem,
          which is then exported instead.

          The flags are:

          t    Run the server in trusted mode, so it will not require
               authentication from the client and keep running in the
               callers namespace.

          d    Enable or increases debug verbosity for the debuglog
               file. Debug messages are never written to the system

          f    Specify the filename for the debuglog file. If not
               specified no debug messages are generated.

          w    Set the workgroup (or primary domain) to name. The
               default is WORKGROUP

          o    Enables the following option string.  This flag can
               appear multiple times when more than one option has to
               be enabled.  Valid options are:

                    transforms whitespace in filenames to non breaking
                    whitespace. This is useful when exporting

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     CIFSD(8)                                                 CIFSD(8)

                    filesystems other than fossil.

                    By default, filename lookups are done case insen-
                    sitive to match windows filesystem semantics.
                    This option disables case insensitive lookups
                    which can result in a performance improvement, but
                    might break some applications.



          listen(8), srv(4)

          Cifsd first appeared in 9front (May, 2011).

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