TINC(8)                                                   TINC(8)

          tinc - mesh peer to peer VPN

          ip/tinc [ -d ] [ -p maxprocs ] [ -x inside ] [ -o outside ]
          [ -c confdir ] [ -n myname ] localip localmask [ hosts... ]

          Tinc implements the mesh peer to peer VPN protocol from
          https://www.tinc-vpn.org/ as of version 1.0.32. Within a
          tinc VPN one can reach all the subnets of all hosts within
          the network even when not directly connected to the owning
          host of the subnet.

          Each host that is directly connected to us has its own host-
          file under confdir/hosts/hostname containing its public
          address, owned subnets, options and RSA public key.  The
          hostfile format is the same as the original tinc implementa-
          tion.  The confdir is specified with the -c option or
          defaults to the current working directory.  Other hosts
          might exist behind these directly connected nodes but this
          information is distributed automatically within the proto-

          On startup, tinc creates an ip interface with the address
          localip and network mask localmask on the inside ip stack
          (specified with -x option) and starts listening for incoming
          connections on the outside ip stack (specified with the -o
          option). When optional hosts are specified on the command
          line, then it will also do outgoing connections using the
          outside ip stack. The localmask usually is a supernet of all
          the subnets within the VPN. Our own hostname myhost can be
          specified with -n option or is assumed to be the sysname
          when not specified.  This host's RSA private key needs to be
          present in factotum and tagged with service=tinc and

          The options:

          -d   Enable debug output and do not fork to the background.

          -p   Limit the number of client processes (incoming and out-
               going connections per protocol) to maxprocs.

          -x   Specifies the inside and outside network stack direc-
               tory where the tinc ip interface is bound. Defaults to

          -o   Specifies the outside network stack directory where
               incoming and outgoing tinc connections are made.

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     TINC(8)                                                   TINC(8)

               Defaults to inside.

          -c   Specifies the configuration directory confdir for the

          -n   Sets our hostname to myhost.

          rsa(8), ip(3)


          Tinc first appeared in 9front (October, 2017).

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