TRAMPOLINE(8)                                       TRAMPOLINE(8)

          trampoline - forward incoming calls to another address

          aux/trampoline [ -9 ] [ -a altaddr ] [ -m netdir ] [ -t
          timeout ] addr

          Trampoline can be used in a service file (see listen(8)) to
          link an incoming call to another address that provides the
          service, typically on another machine.

          Trampoline dials addr and copies data between that connec-
          tion and its own standard input and output.

          The options are:

          -9   The connection carries only 9P messages.  In this case
               trampoline will relay whole messages at a time.

          -a altaddr
               Dial altaddr and relay between the two network connec-
               tions, ignoring standard input and output.

          -m netdir
               Restrict forwarding to particular machines.  Netdir
               must be the incoming call directory.  Trampoline finds
               the caller's MAC address m and checks that ndb(6) con-
               tains an entry with ether=m and the attribute trampok.
               If no such entry is found, the call is rejected.

          -t timeout
               Terminates the connection after timeout milliseconds of

          /sys/log/trampoline  logs rejected calls


          dial(2), listen(8)

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