VBLADE(8)                                               VBLADE(8)

          vblade - virtual AoE target

          disk/vblade [ -ir ] [ -s size ] [ -a shelf.slot ] [ -c
          config ] file [ -e ether ]

          For each file specified, vblade serves it as an AoE (ATA-
          over-Ethernet) target via the specified interfaces.  The
          default interface is /net/ether0.  Since AoE uses raw Ether-
          net frames, the target is only visible on the local ethernet

          All target-related options are reset for each file.

          -i        Initialize the configuration header in file. All
                    previous configuration information is lost.  With-
                    out this option, configuration is read from file
                    and command like options override previous set-

          -r        Raw.  Do not use a configuration header.  This is
                    useful when exporting a device or file not gener-
                    ally exported by vblade.

          -s n      The exported target will have size n, rather than
                    the available space in the target.  A size may end
                    in `p', `t', `g', `m', or `k' to specify a custom-
                    ary binary multiplier.

          -a m.n    Specify the shelf and slot (or major and minor)
                    address of the target.  Valid shelf numbers are
                    between 0 and 65534.  Valid slots are 0-255.

          -c s      Set the AoE config string to s.

          -e ether  Listen to the network port ether. Multiple ports
                    may be specified.

          aoe(3), sdaoe(3),


          Security depends on control of the local Ethernet segment.

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     VBLADE(8)                                               VBLADE(8)

          It may be unwise to serve AoE on a segment bridged to a
          wireless network.

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