WPA(8)                                                     WPA(8)

          wpa - Wi-Fi Protected Access setup

          aux/wpa [ -dp12 ] [ -s essid ] dev

          Wpa handles the authentication and key exchange with WPA
          protected wireless networks.

          The dev parameter specifies the network interface that needs
          to be setup with WPA.  The essid can be set with the -s
          option. Otherwise, the previously configured essid on the
          interface will be used.  The -p option will prompt and
          install the preshared key or pap/chap credentials into fac-
          totum, otherwise the key has to be already present in facto-
          tum or an interactive key prompter like auth/fgui (see
          factotum(4)) needs to provide it.

          The authentication protocol is initiated by the wireless
          access point so wpa will background itself after the
          keyprompt and establish the encryption automatically as
          needed.  The optional -1 or -2 arguments can be used to
          select between WPA1/TKIP (default) or WPA2/CCMP encryption
          with WPA PSK.

          The -d option enables debugging and causes wpa to stay in
          foreground writing protocol messages to standard error.

          Setup wireless encryption:
          % bind -a '#l1' /net
          % aux/wpa -s 9HAL -p /net/ether1
          !Adding key: proto=wpapsk essid=9HAL
          password: *****
          % ip/ipconfig ether /net/ether1


          factotum(4), ipconfig(8)

          Wpa first appeared in 9front (March, 2013).

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