MLMGR(1)                                                 MLMGR(1)

          ml, mlmgr, mlowner -  unmoderated mailing lists

          upas/mlmgr -c listname

          upas/mlmgr -ar listname address

          upas/ml [ -r replyto-address ] addressfile listname

          upas/mlowner addressfile listname

          Mlmgr creates and updates unmoderated mailing lists.  The -c
          option creates mail directories for both listname and
          listname-owner, each containing a pipeto file.  Messages
          mailed to listname are sent to all members of the mailing
          list.  Any Reply-to: and Precedence: fields are removed from
          the messages and new ones are added directing replies to
          listname and specifying bulk precedence.  The envelope
          address for error replies is set to /dev/null.

          The mailing list membership is the file
          /mail/box/listname/address-list.  This file is an add/remove
          log.  Each line represents a single address.  Lines begin-
          ning with a hash (#) are comments.  Lines beginning with an
          exclamation point (!)  are removals.  All other lines are

          Addition and removal entries can be appended using the -a
          and -r options to mlmgr. However, they are normally appended
          as a consequence of user requests.

          To be added or removed from the list, a user may send a mes-
          sage to listname-owner containing a key word in the header
          or body.  The key words are:

               subscribe - add my From: address to the list

               remove - remove my From: address from the list

               unsubscribe - remove my From: address from the list

          Addition and removal events cause notification messages to
          be sent to the added/removed address.   In the case of addi-
          tion, the message describes how to be removed.

          Ml and mlowner are the programs that receive messages for
          listname and listname-owner respectively.  Appropriate calls
          to them are inserted in the pipeto files created by mlmgr.

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     MLMGR(1)                                                 MLMGR(1)

          Ml's -r option sets the Reply-to: field in the mail sent out
          by ml.

          /mail/box/<listname>               list's mailbox directory
          /mail/box/<listname>-owner         owner's mailbox directory
          /mail/box/<listname>/address-list  log of mailing list dele-
                                             tions and additions


          aliasmail(8), faces(1), filter(1), mail(1), marshal(1),
          nedmail(1), qer(8), rewrite(6), send(8), smtp(8), upasfs(4)

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