ALIASMAIL(8)                                         ALIASMAIL(8)

          aliasmail -  expand system wide mail aliases

          upas/aliasmail arg ...

          Aliasmail expands mail aliases, its arguments, according to
          alias files.  Aliasmail is normally invoked by a rule in the
          upas rewrite file, rewrite(6).

          If a line of an alias file begins with #include, the line is
          replaced by the contents of the file whose name follows.
          Other lines, beginning with # are ignored as comment.

          Otherwise, lines begin with a name.  The rest of a name line
          gives the expansion.  The expansion may contain multiple
          addresses and may be continued to another line by appending
          a backslash.  Items are separated by white space.

          The alias files are searched in the order they are listed,
          one per line, in /mail/lib/namefiles.  If the name is not
          found, the expansion is taken to be local!name.  Under the
          -f option, alias files listed in /mail/lib/fromfiles are
          consulted instead, and the domain part only of the expansion
          is printed.

          /mail/lib/namefiles  names of system alias files


          faces(1), filter(1), mail(1), marshal(1), mlmgr(1),
          nedmail(1), qer(8), rewrite(6), send(8), smtp(8), upasfs(4)

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