MS2HTML(1)                                             MS2HTML(1)

          ms2html, html2ms - convert between troff's ms macros and

          ms2html [ -q ] [ -b basename ] [ -d delims ] [ -t title ]

          Ms2html converts the ms(6) source on standard input into
          HTML and prints it to standard output.  If the source con-
          tains tbl(1) or eqn input, you must first pipe the text
          through those preprocessors.  Postscript images, equations,
          and tables will be converted to gif files.  If the document
          has a .TL entry, its contents will be used as the title;
          otherwise ms2html will look for a ._T macro, unknown to
          ms(6), and take its value.  Options are:

          q  suppresses warnings about malformed input;
          b  sets the HTML base name to basename;
          d  sets the eqn(1) delimiters to delim;
          t  sets the HTML title to title.

          Html2ms reads HTML from standard input and converts it to
          ms(6) source on standard output. The document is expected to
          be UTF encoded so a preprocessor like uhtml(1) should be
          used to normalize the HTML.


          htmlroff(1), ms(6), uhtml(1)

          Ms2html doesn't understand a number of troff commands.  It
          does handle macros and defined strings.

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