DEROFF(1)                                               DEROFF(1)

          deroff - remove formatting requests

          deroff [ option ... ] file ...

          Deroff reads each file in sequence and removes all nroff and
          troff(1) requests and non-text arguments, backslash con-
          structions, and constructs of preprocessors such as eqn(1),
          pic(1), and tbl(1). Remaining text is written on the stan-
          dard output.  Deroff follows files included by `.so' and
          `.nx' commands; if a file has already been included, a `.so'
          for that file is ignored and a `.nx' terminates execution.
          If no input file is given, deroff reads from standard input.

          The options are

          -w   Output a word list, one `word' (string of letters, dig-
               its, and properly embedded ampersands and apostrophes,
               beginning with a letter) per line.  Other characters
               are skipped.  Otherwise, the output follows the origi-
               nal, with the deletions mentioned above.

          -_   Like -w, but consider underscores to be alphanumeric
               rather than punctuation.

          -i   Ignore `.so' and `.nx' requests.

          -mm  Remove titles, attachments, etc., as well as ordinary
               troff constructs, from ms(6) or mm documents.

          -ml  Same as -mm, but remove lists as well.


          troff(1), spell(1)

          This filter is not a complete interpreter of troff . For
          example, macro definitions containing `\$' cause chaos in
          deroff when the popular `$$' delimiters for eqn are in

          Text inside macros is emitted at place of definition, not
          place of call.

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