TROFF(1)                                                 TROFF(1)

          troff, nroff, dpost - text formatting and typesetting

          troff [ option ... ] [ file ... ]

          dpost [ -f ] [ file ... ]

          nroff [ option ... ] [ file ... ]

          Troff formats text in the named files for printing on a
          typesetter, emitting a textual intermediate format called
          `typesetter-independent troff output', understood by pro-
          grams such as proof(1) and lp(1), but also by a troff post-
          processor named dpost, which emits corresponding Postscript.
          Under -f, dpost also emits Postscript font definitions as
          needed.  Nroff does the same as troff, but produces output
          suitable for typewriter-like devices, usually without fur-
          ther post-processing, but see col(1).

          If no file argument is present, the standard input is read.
          An argument consisting of a single minus (-) is taken to be
          a file name corresponding to the standard input.  The
          options are:

          -olist  Print pages in the comma-separated list of numbers
                  and ranges.  A range N-M means N through M; initial
                  -M means up to M; final N- means from N to the end.

          -nN     Number first generated page N.

          -mname  Process the macro file /sys/lib/tmac/
                  before the input files.

          -raN    Set register a (one character name) to N.

          -i      Read standard input after the input files are

          -q      Invoke the simultaneous input-output mode of the rd

          -N      Produce output suitable for typewriter-like devices.

        Typesetter devices (not -N) only
          -a      Send a printable textual approximation of the
                  results to the standard output.

          -Tdest  Prepare output for typesetter dest:

     Page 1                       Plan 9             (printed 4/18/24)

     TROFF(1)                                                 TROFF(1)

                  -Tutf    (The default.) PostScript printers with
                           preprocessing to handle Unicode characters
                           encoded in UTF
                  -Tpost   Regular PostScript printers
                  -T202    Mergenthaler Linotron 202

          -Fdir  Take font information from directory dir.

        Typewriter (-N) output only
          -sN     Halt prior to every N pages (default N=1) to allow
                  paper loading or changing.

          -Tname  Prepare output for specified terminal.  Known names
                  include utf for the normal Plan 9 UTF encoding of
                  the Unicode Standard character set (default), 37 for
                  the Teletype model 37, lp (`line-printer') for any
                  terminal without half-line capability, 450 for the
                  DASI-450 (Diablo Hyterm), and think (HP ThinkJet).

          -e      Produce equally-spaced words in adjusted lines,
                  using full terminal resolution.

          -h      Use output tabs during horizontal spacing to speed
                  output and reduce output character count.  Tab set-
                  tings are assumed to be every 8 nominal character

          /tmp/trtmp*            temporary file
          /sys/lib/tmac/tmac.*   standard macro files
          /sys/lib/troff/term/*  terminal driving tables for nroff
          /sys/lib/troff/font/*  font width tables for troff


          lp(1), proof(1), page(1), eqn(1), tbl(1), pic(1), grap(1),
          doctype(1), ms(6), image(6), deroff(1), col(1)
          J. F. Ossanna and B. W. Kernighan, ``Troff User's Manual''
          B. W. Kernighan, ``A Typesetter-Independent TROFF'', CSTR
          B. W. Kernighan, ``A TROFF Tutorial'', Unix Research System
          Programmer's Manual, Tenth Edition, Volume 2.

     Page 2                       Plan 9             (printed 4/18/24)