FSTYPE(1)                                               FSTYPE(1)

          fstype - determine file system type

          fstype file

          The file being a partition or file system image, fstype
          determines the type of a disk file system and prints it.  If
          the type cannot be determined, then the error status is set.

          Known file systems are:

          9660        ISO9660 CD-ROM (see dossrv(4))

          dos         FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 DOS (see dossrv(4))

          paqfs       compressed paqfs(4)

          kfs         old Plan 9 disk file system

          fs          32-bit and

          fs64        64-bit dump file system (see fs(4))

          cwfs        32-bit,

          cwfs64      64-bit and

          cwfs64x     long file name cache worm file system (see

          hjfs        hj file system (see hjfs(4))


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